Excellent network & presence

across META

Our coverage is across a broad range of accountancy firms, global investment banks and in-house within corporates. 

We cover positions across geographies, sectors and products and with an excellent international network and presence. Areas covered include; buy side and sell side M&A, corporate finance, leverage and private equity advisory. 


AI and the evolution of the finance function

AI has moved out of the research lab into consumer and commercial applications. But what impact is it having on the CFO and wider finance function – and what will the finance function of the future look like? A World Economic Forum report published in January 2016 estimated that 5.1 million jobs would disappear by the end of 2020 because of new technologies. In the ensuing two years the so-call...

You’ve got talent – how to be succession-smart in 2018

A company is only as good as its talent. Effective succession planning can help your business retain and recruit the best people to take it forward. Why succession planning? There has never been a better time in the Middle East to put into place a succession plan. But finding talented individuals is more of a challenge than ever. Your organisation needs talent that can step quickly into leaders...